Your Duck Decoys Should Have……

Photo of Brown and Grey Duck on Body of Water

When looking at decoys, you want to look for durability in them. Your decoys take abuse from being tossed in the back of your truck, to sitting at the water and sunlight day after day. Finding ones that can live up to the abuse Nuisance Wildlife Trapper season after season is important. Molded plastic is the best choice for durability, despite the fact that they are bulky and heavy they’ll outlast any other type of decoy. Other durability to search for is the paint job, if you can see a scratch in the paint so will the duck before it even flies overhead. Some decoys have the UV protection which will add years which you can escape them. Make sure you don’t underestimate how quickly the colors will faded out with the use of the decoys.

Waterfowl have eyesight ten times better than yours. If it’s possible to detect a flaw there’s an excellent chance that the ducks you are trying to come in will too. Ensure that you are taking a look at decoys that hides the transition lines and brings each of these components together. Last thing to making realism occur is the various flock positions. You want to be sure you don’t buy a pack of decoys that are all in the exact same position and are smaller in size then in actuality, most likely you will not have many ducks fly. Waterfowl are smart, have the flock mentality and they need a little coaxing to fly over.

Last thing to look for in decoys, is the portability. You need to buy decoys that are able to be set up and removed quickly and this is because of changes in patterns. Where you might be successful one day but may not be the next day. The molded plastic are heavy and bulky but that does not mean they can not be taken down in a brief amount of time. Some seekers would recommend having a few different types of decoys as it gives your decoy spread resemblance of a real flock and makes moving around a little less stressful. They also feel that plastic hard molded decoys to be the best resilience when it comes to duck hunting.

With these methods in what to look for when buying decoys, you do not need to worry about spending an arm and leg for the best. Even the cheap decoys have the same and sometimes are better than the really expensive decoys. Also remember that what works today may not work tomorrow. You will need to remain on your toes and keep in mind to adapt to any given situation, the hunting will work in the hunters prefer. With this wonderful tips, you’ll have the ability to find some decoys that will be a excellent addition to your spread and keep your duck hunting good.

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